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The average attention span for the average person is 8 seconds. That means depending on how fast you read, I may have already lost you in this post…

In 2016 the average attention span was 12 seconds. Our attention spans have decreased by a staggering 4 seconds in just 3 years. This is largely attributed to society’s addiction to social media. Don’t worry, this is not another post about social media. It should be obvious by now that I not only dislike social media, but I’m also very bad at using it.

As you may have noticed, we haven’t posted on this blog in a couple of months. We have been steadfast in updating and creating content for youtube and posting to instagram (for the most part). But we did take a break from everything the past couple of weeks. In this post we want to address our reasoning for the break, and explain what this next phase of Our Journey To Bliss will look like. 

“No external stimuli.”

We’ve found ourselves desiring more and more ‘quiet time’. If you’re like us, the term “quiet time” is often associated with our children being told to go sit in their beds and be quiet for an allowed amount of time. We call that “quiet time” in our home. For adults however, this term can take on an entirely new meaning. 

There’s something about just turning off the television and putting the cell phones in a drawer on airplane mode. No external stimuli. Brewing a fresh cup of coffee and proceeding to read a good book for a couple of hours in absolute silence. Sometimes I just sit in the silence and look out the window. Other times we journal. Amber writes in her journal every morning in silence while the kids are still asleep. 

It’s reinvigorating, spiritual, and can even be emotional. It’s in these moments of silence we can often find our true selves. Find solutions to problems. Even find spiritual enlightenment. It’s not easy to put it into words. 

There’s something about the silence that’s addicting.

As for Amber and me, we don’t get to enjoy the silence as much as we would like to. At least not in our current season. Not only do children significantly limit the amount of personal time you get. You have to also remember that our mobile home is under 1,000 square feet. ***This is not a complaint. We love it!*** 

The reality of living in such a small space is that noise truly does travel far. It doesn’t matter where you are in our home, we can hear you. So the opportunities for true silence are few and far between in our current season. But silence is not just a reference to physical external stimuli. It is also non-physical stimuli, such as electronics and social media. 

We believe it’s very important to occasionally expose yourself to silence. Silence from the physical and non-physical. Silence from not only the world, and the things around us that provide us immediate gratification and distraction, but also from things such as social media, i.e. screen time. 

To get to the point of this blog post. Sometimes we just need silence. We live in a world filled with stimuli of all kinds, and we truly believe that exposing yourself on a regular basis to silence can provide necessary healing to our souls. We have taken these past few weeks to try and regain some perspective for our journey to bliss, and we are excited about what’s ahead!

Firstly, we are moving our website to a new host site. The web address will remain However, we will be losing all of our subscribers we have gained thus far when we move. The reason for this move is to start utilizing this website more. We want this website and our youtube channel to be better connected. We want to provide more original content on here, such as blogs, videos, and podcasts. We’re excited about this move, and know it will be a good one!

You will need to resubscribe to our website.

When we move, if you would like to keep your subscription, you will need to resubscribe to our website. We really hope you do! 

We will be announcing the launch date in the coming weeks, and will make sure you know when the new site is live. 

We are so excited about the future of Our Journey To Bliss. We are planning and preparing for more stories, experiences, and inspiration that we can share with you to help you in your own personal journey. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey!


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