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A Little About Our Journey...

Who we are and why this website exists.

Thank you for visiting Our Journey To Bliss! Here is a little information about our family and why this website exists!

We are a family of five, and we live on a single income.

We lived the “American dream” for many years. We lived in a big house filled with lots of stuff, we had lots of debt, and we were always living towards edge of our budget. Like the majority of Americans, our stress levels kept increasing.

In the fall of 2016 we sat down and discussed what the biggest causes of stress were in our lives were. We determined that our top 3 stressors were;

1. Debt.

2. Financial strain.

3. Keeping up with our large home.

This realization gave us a crazy idea: What if we try eliminating these top stressors in our lives and see if the outcome makes us more happy. We developed a plan, and started on our journey to bliss!

Where are we on our journey now?

In the last year of our journey we have sold our home, gotten rid of over 70% of our belongings, and purchased and renovated a mobile home on some land, all in an attempt to downsize, be debt free, and find more happiness in life!

We are continually striving to reduce our financial output, and increase our experiential input. Simply put, we want to spend less and live more!

We knew we wanted to document our journey of going against the norm as we try to attain our own unique and new perspective of the “American Dream”. This is why we created this website.

We would love for you to be a part of this journey with us as we share our experiences, hopes, fears, successes, and failures with you.

Our hope is that you would be inspired to shake up your own lives in an attempt to find more bliss!

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We post weekly Youtube videos showing what we’ve been doing and offering advice where we can!

Excited to do this journey with you!

-The Hidys

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