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7 Day Technology Detox!

Taking the challenge...

Recent studies suggest that on average the typical American family spends just 34 minutes together per day.

On average, 1 in 4 parents say they wish they had more time to spend with their children. The average child spends approximately 6.5 hours per day in front of a screen of some kind, whether than be TV, computers, phones, or tablets. These are disturbing statistics.

We have been reading up lately on the effects of technology, mainly in children. It's become widely accepted that "screen time", as we'll be calling it, has a negative effect on children. It can alter their behavior by making them more detached, more anxious, and more moody.

Likewise, adults these days seem to have lost sight as to what visual entertainment was originally intended to be for. Visual entertainment should be used for just that purpose, occasional entertainment. It's becoming more evident that screen time is no longer just an occasional tool used for entertainment. Instead, screen time has become a tool used for long-term distraction.

To a certain extent, we believe that most adults are guilty of this. As we have been discussing this amongst ourselves, and trying to wrap our minds around why adults, and children, are so quick to turn to screen time for their long-term entertainment, we keep coming back to one answer. Rather than tell you the answer, we want to pose it as a question to you.

Are you satisfied with your life?

Day to day, are you happy with your current season of life? Are you being challenged? Do you feel like your time is being well spent?

These are questions we asked ourselves. And our answers were not pleasing to our ears. We felt like we spend too much time in front of screens, and we allow ourselves to use technology as a means to distract ourselves, and our kids, from time with one another. We were not alright with this.

So we decided to do this 7-Day Tech Detox!

Here are our rules!

1. No technology! No Computers, Phones, Tablets, Social Media!

*Our exceptions are that we need the computer for work related tasks, homeschool material, and to document our 7-day detox for Youtube!

2. We must read one chapter of a book per day! Any book! One Chapter! Keep your mind engaged!

3. GO OUTSIDE!!! This is a big one. No time frame! 30 minutes, or 8 hours, just go outside!

4. You must practice one hobby at least 2 times during the week! Again, keeping our minds engaged!

5. PLAY!!! Whether if you’re single, married, or have kids, grab some other people and play games! Outside, inside, it doesn’t matter! Let’s have some fun with each other!

6. You must spend at least 2 hours per evening WITH NO PHONES!!!

***Phone rules: Phones can only be used for communication purposes. This means phone calls, texts, and emails only! NO APPS!!!

So those are our 6 ‘simple’ rules. The goal here isn't to just go cold turkey with technology. The goal is to set our priorities straight at home.

We do not want to use technology as an excuse to not be engaging with one another.

Rather than turning to the TV for entertainment, we would rather find something fun to do as a family. Rather than waste time by turning to our phones to scroll through social media, we would rather be engaging in conversation, playing a game, or practicing a hobby.

So our TV is gone. Our phone Apps have been deleted. The Tablets have been put away. We're going to continue reading the books we're currently reading. We've got our hobbies ready. And most importantly, we've come up with a list of fun activities to do with our children to keep them, and their minds, occupied.

We truly believe this is going to be a great week!

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