We Are The Hidys

We are a family of soon-to-be 6, and we live on a single income in Oklahoma. We have been living the “American dream” for the past five years; a big house filled with stuff, and always living towards edge of our budget. But it never felt right and our stress levels kept going up. One day a little over a year ago, we sat down and discussed what the biggest stressors in our lives were. My husband’s was the constant financial strain and mine was house maintenance; feeling like the majority of my time was spent cleaning, instead of enjoying our kids.

After pin pointing the roots of our discontentment, we had a crazy idea. What if we try eliminating these two stressors in our lives, and see if the outcome makes us more happy?!

So we have just begun the journey toward our goal to reduce our monetary output, and increase our experiential input. Simply put, we want to simplify and downsize; spending less to live more!

So we have finally begun! We have set up this website to document the next year or so of our lives and have begun taking our first steps toward our destination. We don’t know exactly where we’ll end up or in what type of living arrangement, but we feel called and convicted to start our journey despite not having all the answers. This is a practical way that we have felt led to put our trust in God, as He takes us by the hand and calls us to step out, not knowing where our foot may land.

The question that likely comes to most people’s minds is “Why?.. Why would you want to live in a small space and have less? Wouldn’t that decrease your happiness and increase your stress?” And about a year ago, I would have said “Yes, probably.”

But over the past year after reading books and articles, and watching countless videos of people who have downsized and embraced some form of minimalism, our mindset has shifted because the sacrifices these people are making, end up not really being sacrifices at all, in light of what they gain from the change!

For example, we will sacrifice financial stress in exchange for freedom to do more traveling and have more experiences. We will sacrifice time spent toward the up-keep of a household in exchange for more quality time spent with our family and friends. And we will sacrifice endless possessions in exchange for contentment and peace.

So as we begin this journey, to test it out for ourselves, we would love for you to be a part of it with us, as we share our hopes and fears, our successes and failures. And our hope is that we can share little tips and tricks along the way on how you can eliminate stress as well, in big or little ways; and inspire you to shake off the mundane in your own life, to be open to whatever journey to contentment, freedom, and joy that you are being called to!

Excited to do this journey with you!


-The Hidy’s


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